About Raymond James Valor

Veterans Inclusion Network

Our Mission

Raymond James Valor
Valor, the Raymond James Veterans Inclusion Network, is a representation of all service branches, military spouses, and allies, fostering camaraderie, networking, and community involvement by providing career development, training, and outreach opportunities. The Valor Network recognizes the sacrifices that military members, veterans, first responders, spouses and their families make for our nation, and our priority is to make Raymond James the employer of choice for these individuals.

Valor aims to support the veteran/ first responder community nationwide through national and local outreach programs. We partner with local organizations across the country to collaborate, support, promote,  and amplify each other and fellow veterans/ first responders in their communities and nationwide. Raymond James Valor has become a nexus for linking common organizations together in order to maximize their community impact. Currently, many of our members and allies work closely with a variety of organizations serving Military/First Responder communities throughout the United States, from a Board membership capacity, as well as volunteer capacity.

Our History

Since 2018, Valor offers members and allies the opportunity to exchange information and ideas and give back to our community. Currently, many members and allies work closely with a variety of organizations serving communities throughout the United States. The Valor network has local leaders in the St. Pete, Southfield, Memphis, New York, and Branches nationwide. It’s important to note that you do not have to be a service member or veteran to join the Valornetwork. We welcome everyone with an interest and respect for the military/first responder community.